Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Just Haven't Figured It Out Yet

So, a friend of mine on facebook has been sharing fun facts about himself the last couple days. I don't know if anyone even sees this in passing, but I felt the need to toss a few of mine up on the internets.

1. My absolute favorite movie, EVER, is Disney's Beauty and the Beast
2. I've always dreamed of living in another era
3. I can think myself into an unconscious void
4. Four is my favorite number
5. I have never claimed a religion
6. That being said, many people have told me my beliefs follow several ideals of eastern religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Hare Krsna. (yes, I know the accents and spelling of that is wrong, but I'm tired.)
7. The most important person in my life is my mom.
8. I still have most of my barbies, and I always wander down that pink aisle at the store.
9. I have a tendency to speak to myself in 'lolspeak'
10. I have an affinity for lesser used letters (Q, Z, X, K, J, B)
11. Love frightens me
12. I am a suicide attempt survivor
13. Bob Ross influences my artwork significantly.
14. I have a nervous tic where I pick at anything and everything(nails, ears, nose, scalp, scabs, paint, fabric embellishments)
15. I am quite a loner, and enjoy my solitude
16.  My earliest memory is of meeting my grandfather in January of 1991 (when I was 5 months old)
17. I aspire to write a book in my life
18. I do not like myself at all from the neck down
19. When I have story ideas in my mind, I record it in a combination of drawing and acting out dialogues by myself
20. I fall into accents easily, and am very believable

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